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Last update: 2018-03-04
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Sara Surprisink

Rating: 7.00

My jeans ass crushes him

What does this tiny guy think...? He really believe that he can enter, hit my high heels and leave without a punishment...? Of course not! I grab his tiny, small body and place him right below my big, sexy butt! I am going to destroy him really bad! He will be flattened like paper! And he deserves nothing else than gasping for air right below my ass. His whole body disappears right below my jeans ass!

The most favourite ButtCrush.com Update


Rating: 10.00

Sit down at the pony the correct way

I never liked stupid ponies like this one! It really makes me angry! But I have an idea. I will show him the way I can use it best. With my jeans ass I sit down at it and almost crush it! I just sit down and it disappears almost completely! But I know that there are lot of women out there who don't know how to sit down at a pony the correct way. So I will show you all the correct way to sit down at the pony!

The most favourite ButtCrush.com Update


Rating: 10.00

He deserves nothing else!

What do you believe is Anfisa going to do with the helpless and defenseless teddy bear...? You will find out soon enough! And he won't like it, that's for sure...! But Anfisa gives a fuck about his cute look - and gives him exactly what he deserves instead...!

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