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Last update: 2015-04-10
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Jana H.

Rating: 9.00

Jana rolls with her butt over the bitch

Jana H. has tied up her small female slave at a chair. Now the tiny puppet is completely helpless and she can crush her with her butt! First she sits down at the chair the wrong way round and starts hopping. Then she decides to change her position and starts to roll over the defenseless bitch with her awesome butt. Just image how it must feel when each of your bones breaks apart...? That would be so hot, wouldn't it...!?

The most favourite ButtCrush.com Update

Buttcrush girls Beverly & Stellina

Rating: 10.00

Beverly and Stellina flatten the tiny bitches!

Beverly and Stellina don't like bitches so they have taped the tiny girls at the bar stool... now they are going to flatten them very badly with their jeans butts! Of course these stupid bitches deserve nothing else!! So they have no other choice than to put their asses right at their faces! Beverly and Stellina enjoy every second and have lot of fun while their big butts are resting at the helpless, tiny girls...!

The most favourite ButtCrush.com Update

Sexy girl Natalia

Rating: 10.00

Natalia flattens them all!

Natalia shows you what she can do with this little bitch. She has placed the little bitch right at a stool and stands above her. Straddle-legged she closes up the girl with her sexy ass - and then just sits down at her! Wow, she is so unbelievable cruel! Natalia crosses her legs and rolls above the girl with her sexy butt until all the joints of the girl are completely broken.

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