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Last update: 2020-07-05
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Her ass is a merciless crushing machine!

Mistress Roxana's ass is a merciless crushing machine that destroys and crushes everything in its path. That little Bello doesn't stand a chance against her. Mistress Roxana sits down slowly with her sexy denim ass on its little body and flattens it completely. She sits on him with her entire body weight and crushes him. Nothing of him shall remain untouched. Mistress Roxana also pushes his tail under her ass and squashes him mercilessly flat. That's just what she would do with you and your cock!

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Rating: 10.00

The bitch belongs under the ass!

That little bitch thinks she's better than Bratty Jenny-Nina?! No! That's never gonna happen, because this bitch is gonna get flattened! Bratty Jenny-Nina shows her victim what happens when you stand in her way. Ruthlessly she sits her ass down on her. Under Bratty Jenny-Nina's ass the little bitch gets very quiet because she gets the full weight of Jenny-Nina pressed on her little body. She is now mercilessly crushed and can't fight back!

The most favourite ButtCrush.com Update


Rating: 10.00

Cuddling of a different kind

It's cuddling time for the little rabbit! However Mistress Anfisa has her own idea of what cuddling is and sits down with her ass on the small rabbit body! She flattens him under her jeans ass pulls his tail. She loves to 'cuddle' the little animal this way and destroy it at the same time. Do you want to cuddle with Mistress Anfisa too...?

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