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Last update: 2018-11-08
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Sue S.

Rating: 8.00

Crushed under Lady Sue's ass

Lady Sue has something mean in mind for this teddy bear today. She is not a cuddly fan. She much prefers to flatten this cuddly teddy under her ass. She takes him and starts to torture him. Under her ass he can't escape her and suffers agony. He's stuck under Lady Sue's sexy ass and it looks awesome! You like to look at that so much, don't you? But how would YOU like to be trapped under her ass?! Still so horny??

The most favourite ButtCrush.com Update


Rating: 10.00

Jeans buttcrush with her bitch!

This little slut has nothing to laugh about. Princess Amber, with her sexy jeans-clad ass, makes sure of that. She sits on the little bitch and crushes her under her ass, literally taking her breath away. Mistress Amber hates little blonde sluts like her, that's why she really makes her suffer! Princess Amber really crushes her! You are so close as jeans-lover Princess Amber sits firmly on her face. It makes you horny, right? Princess Amber is sure you would like to be crushed that way!

The most favourite ButtCrush.com Update


Rating: 10.00

Flattened under her ass in jeans

Princess Jenny likes to sit in jeans on this little bee. She likes to sit on her until she is totaly flat! Do you think she can fly anymore? Of course not and she likes to sit longer because its so comfortable in her sexy tight jeans!

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