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Last update: 2019-03-12
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Rating: 1.00

Car crush - destruction under ass and boots

What a cute little toy car... This yellow dump truck won't survive the coming procedure! Mistress Zora will crush it because she destroys everything she wants to! With her jeans ass she sits down on the vehicle. It cracks and creaks under her sexy ass, but the vehicle simply does not want to break. Mistress Zora really puts herself to the test and tries with all her might to destroy the toy car under her sexy jeans ass. The loading area breaks off from the rest of the vehicle and falls down. It can't go on like this! Mistress Zora loses her patience and throws the loading area on the floor. Now she tramples wildly on the small parts and destroys everything! Her boots are brutal and crush even the most stubborn part among them. Then all parts go back on the stool, because mistress Zora is still far from finished with her violent car crush...

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Rating: 10.00

No chance to escape

Just because this is a little cuddly toy doesn't stop Lady Amy from treating him the same way she treats her slaves. Take a good look, because YOU are her next butt crush victim! She places the monkey beneath her jeans ass. Then she sits down on his little body with her full weight. She makes him completely flat under her! He has no chance to defend himself against this mean lady and is at her mercy. Lady Amy keeps this monkey in captivity and can do whatever she wants with him. Once you fall into the clutches of Lady Amy, you can't get away from her and will suffer the same fate as this monkey! Flattened and crushed under her ass!

The most favourite ButtCrush.com Update


Rating: 10.00

Jeans buttcrush with her bitch!

This little slut has nothing to laugh about. Princess Amber, with her sexy jeans-clad ass, makes sure of that. She sits on the little bitch and crushes her under her ass, literally taking her breath away. Mistress Amber hates little blonde sluts like her, that's why she really makes her suffer! Princess Amber really crushes her! You are so close as jeans-lover Princess Amber sits firmly on her face. It makes you horny, right? Princess Amber is sure you would like to be crushed that way!

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