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Last update: 2022-07-30
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Goddess Yasemin has a desire to destroy!

Goddess Yasemin wants to break something with her hot ass and found these two balloons. She loves balloons because they can expand in all directions and look like they suffer when you put pressure on them. This is exactly what she wants to achieve now and pushes them until they burst loudly! A cuddly toy would not give her what she needs today. Only an object that cno longer has an use when she is finished with it is what satisfies her! Goddess Yasemin clamps the first balloon under her ass and starts to let out her destructive rage on it. She tortures the balloon until it gives up and bursts under her ass. Then it's the turn of the next balloon...

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Cindy C. & Jane

Rating: 10.00

Until every balloon explodes!

Princess Cindy and Mistress Jane now find out which of their jeans asses can burst the balloons first. Which balloon is more likely to bust? Which of their sexy jeans asses is more destructive? At the same time, they sit on a pair of balloons until the first one bursts noisily. Then Mistress Jane and Princess Cindy move on to the next balloons - until every balloon explodes!

The most favourite ButtCrush.com Update


Rating: 10.00

Mistress Anfisa crushes the contents of the bag

Mistress Anfisa is working on her laptop. She gets up, walks to the cupboard and takes out a bag. She puts it and its contents on her chair and sits on it very slowly. What's in there...? A cauliflower...? a brain...? No matter - Mistress Anfisa crushes it under her butt! Through the bag you can clearly see how the liquid escapes and the content is squeezed more and more by her ass. Mistress Anfisa likes that and that's why she works on the contents of the bag so much with her ass and then with her high heel sandals until everything is completely squashed!

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