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Rating: 5.50

Brutally crushed under the jeans ass!

Today you were lucky again, because Goddess Yasemin has made the cuddly rabbit a victim. She torments him and crushes him under her tight jeans ass. Take a close look at how she crushes him, because she will do this to YOU the next time you run into her. YOU will then be her victim and will be crushed under her jeans ass. She will destroy and flatten you! Mercilessly she will drop her butt onto your little body, just like she does on your rabbit. Would you like a taste? Goddess Yasemin pushes her jeans butt into your face and gives you a foretaste of your personal butt crush session! But until then you keep watching as she brutally destroys this rabbit under her ass!


Ass-torment for little dog
I want to flatten it
1 girl - 2 cups
Sue S.
Buttcrush torture