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Rating: 8.17

Bunny beneath my ass

I wanna teach this little bunny fear. Therefore I sit down on it with my hot jeansass and pull its floppy ears that dangle between my sexy legs. My white jeans are brutally honest and destructive, so they squeeze the plush bunny until it's flat, while you are allowed to watch my hot butt - nice side effect, isn't it? ;-) I think it won't take much longer to completely destroy this toy, so enjoy every second you get. 'Cause white jeans are so damn scarce to find. It's even more scarce to find such a hott butt like mine clothed in white jeans! Just take a look and assure yourself ;-).


Balloons burst
Facesitting punishment for the little bitch!
Crushed under Lolly's butt
Plush toys are made for crushing!