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Rating: 8.07

Buried completely under Anfisa's ass!

It's very clear for Anfisa that this little bitch has to be flattened! The stupid slut deserves nothing else, that's for sure! So Anfisa comes closer with her sexy ass and finally she sits down at her. Slowly Anfisa buries her under her butt until the helpless bitch is completely crushed.


Date Comment Rating Username
2015-08-29 anifisa is the best sexy lady Awesome!!! pantelis06
2015-07-02 love how dollgirl is taped down and so helpless. Nice buttcrush vide with Anfisa. Great! waffel
Cuddly bear abused as Nina's cushion!
Lick her ass clean again!
Lisa L.
Panda teddy crush with her hot ass
July makes baloons burst