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Rating: 9.33

Mistress Anfisa crushes your gift completely!

What kind of a loser are you, slave?! You wanted to give mistress Anfisa a present and then send her something ridiculous like that? Shame on you! What is she supposed to do with it? Mistress Anfisa knows only one possible use for this embarassing gift: She makes it flat! She pushes the cuddly toy under her hot ass and sits down on it. The teddy is squeezed under her and pressed mercilessly flat. Mistress Anfisa rubs her ass relentlessly over the teddy and torments you with it. Your gift can't be used for anything else. Such a stupid thing can only be destroyed. Never come to her with such a pathetic gift! Do you understand, slave?!


Denise flattens it completely!
Are you Jessy's puppet...?
Rasta girl in giantess facesitting and crushing
Faye flattens her under her ass