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Sexy girl Natalia

Rating: 8.25

Natalia flattens them all!

Natalia shows you what she can do with this little bitch. She has placed the little bitch right at a stool and stands above her. Straddle-legged she closes up the girl with her sexy ass - and then just sits down at her! Wow, she is so unbelievable cruel! Natalia crosses her legs and rolls above the girl with her sexy butt until all the joints of the girl are completely broken.


Date Comment Rating Username
2015-03-28 I wish you always use the little dollgirl or dollman like this. Natalia looks so hot! Awesome!!! waffel
Balloon beneath my jeansass
July rolls over and flattens him!
Alexa crushes her car with her ass!
Husky crushing in short jeans