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Rating: 8.25

Pressed down flat by two girls

With a special spell the two sis Jane and Layla have downsized this girl, making her smaller. She was then tied to a stool and is now ready to be finished by those girls. At first huge Layla is pulling up her skirt. Now her mighty ass can be seen, with which she is immediately sitting down on the poor bewitched girl. She is being called names and they demand that she smells the huge ass. Afterwards it's Jane's turn. Her hot pants are pressing down harshly on the face and body of the small girl. But that's not enough for Jane - she is now removing her hot pants, pressing down on the little sweetie with her hot ass. And then everything culminates in the highlight of Layla sitting on Jane's lap - so that the girl has to bear their combined full weight, pressed flat against the stool!!!


The balloons are there to be destroyed!
Her guy now worships Princess Serena's ass
Crushed under her ass cheeks
Mistress Anfisa crushes your gift completely!