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Blackhaired Luciana

Rating: 6.20

Pressing her flat in nylontights!

Bet you've never seen such a hot tight-ass before! And it turns you on badly watching Luciana pressing that little bitch under this ass! Buried beneath her hot butt, that little hussy is trapped - which maybe can cause breathing problems.


Date Comment Rating Username
2015-09-24 Beautiful Cherry pit
2015-09-07 good ass.. Very Good pantelis06
2015-09-01 love the doll taped to the stool. wish Luciana had tight jeans. Fair waffel
Beverly & Stellina
Beverly and Stellina flatten the tiny bitches!
Ass-torment for little dog
Angelina M.
She flattens the teddy with her ass
Denise flattens it completely!