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Rating: 7.83

She will crush YOU this way too!

The desire for her denim ass just won't let you go. You wish for nothing more than to be allowed to look and worship Mistress Anfisa's sexy ass. You know what? Why don't you just get up and come a little bit closer? Your mistress will show it to you from all sides and will show you what she can do with it. She could, for example, squash your face quite flat. She'll show you the fantasies in your head! Watch and see how Mistress Anfisa sits on balloons which could be your fucked up head. Although, truth be told, the balloon shape more closely resembles your loser dick... but whatever! With her denim ass she squeezes it under her until it bursts!


Stuffed puppy simply flattened
Balloon Crush!
Mistress Zora crushes him under her ass
Buttcrush up close and personal! (ft. Lady Nora)