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Rating: 9.00

Svenja's ass torture

Svenja intends to show you what she plans to do with this little guy. With her hot ass and her tight jeans she is sitting down on the little one. With her weight she is pressing down on him, flattening him mercilessly. Will you always do what she tells you to do? Will you obey her? She is hoping you will obey her, because otherwise you will be the next guy suffering under her ass. Again and again she is pressing down with her full weight, enjoying how much he has to suffer. But this isn't all, because then she decides that the little worm has to suffer even more and be even nearer her ass. She languidly opens her pants, pulling them down, and squeezes the little one into her pants. Now she is pulling the pants up again - and he has no more chance to escape. Fortunately for him the poor guy in her pants doesn't know yet that she has to drive about 150 miles in her car. But you now know what is waiting for you if you don't do what she tells you to do!


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2015-01-26 very favorite vid. love the small dollman trapped on the arm, love her outfit. love her bouncing on him. Awesome!!! waffel
With her ass on the teddy bear
Crushed under her ass
Shiwa rides the pony
Under Alisha's hot nylon butt!