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Rating: 8.50

Teddy Buttcrush!

Mistress Zora knows why you are here today... Your fantasies are well known to her and that's why she pushes exactly this one button in your brain, which makes you incredibly horny - and makes your cock pulsate immediately! She sits with her sexy ass on the cuddly toy and flattens it mercilessly under her ass. She crushes the teddy bear and completely fucks it up. Of course, this gets you going and you can hardly wait to see what else she will do with the teddy. The cuddly toy doesn't stand a chance against her hot fucking ass. Look at Mistress Zora squashing the bear completely flat! That's so fucking sexy!


Cindy C.
Crushed below my ass
Mellosch takes care of you...!
Crushed and squashed by her jeans ass!
The horse has no chance!