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Buttcrush punishment for the monkey!

Lady Sue wants to torture this innocent little monkey? Why? Because he's been so clingy, hanging onto her leg all day. He's an annoying money, just like YOU! This behaviour cannot be tolerated and Lady Sue has the perfect corrective punishment - merciless butcrush! She places the monkey on a stool and stands over him. Before he knows what's happening she firmly sits her ass onto his little body and squeezes him flat! He doesn't deserve anything else! The fear rises in you that you might be the next one crushed under Lady Sue's ass and uou empathise with the poor monkey. Yet you can't help admire Lady Sue's ass. But be careful, she doesn't like miserable monkeys are you're one, right?


Giantess sits on top of her
This is how YOU end up as a buttcrush victim!
The buttcrush victim reaches the next level
Stefanie shows you how it works!